Big city logistics

The biggest challenge big cities of the world are facing is logistics: the coordination of people, objects and resources – especially of those megalopolises whose population have multiplied in the past decades. The maintenance of everyday life in the city, the means of transportation allowing the movement within the city, tasks of providing water and food supply require continuous innovation and adaptation to the changing circumstances. Where the municipality of the city is unable to carry out these functions grassroots initiatives and community solutions take over.

Trains of Thoughts (Timo Novotny, 2012, 85’) Fővám square, urban walk with the architects of the metro screening and discussion with Timo Novotny
Liquid city (Matthew Gandy, 2007, 28’)
Dabbawala, the lunchbox miracle (Antje Christ, 2008, 50’)
Ekümenopolis (Imre Azem, 2011, 118’)