43 columns on scene in Bilbao

2010, 52 mins, colour,  Italian film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Leonardo Baraldi, Eleonora Sarasin

Philippe Starck is a French designer, who wants 43 columns to be the protagonists in his most significant architectural project, which is hosted by the new cultural centre of the Basque capital. Each column is a unique piece of work, different in shape, material and style, representing one of the most determining cultures of the world. Starck calls Lorenzo Baraldi to design the columns and search for craftsmen, who would undertake the execution of the 43 columns made of 9 different materials. Baraldi finds 8 laboratories in Italy and Spain, where the sculptures of brick, bronze, aluminium, terracotta, steel, stone, marble, wood and cement can be modelled. In a few months they must be completed, delivered and installed…
2nd March, 19:15

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