Architecture has begun to focus on abandoned buildings in the past few years worldwide. Politically undesirable structures, ruins of modern buildings with lost function due to social changes, settlements emptied by natural disasters and „skeletons” left behind by arrested developments as results of the financial crisis – same questions in different shapes: what to do with abandoned spaces, how to provide them with new function, how could they fit to the new requirements of built environment. In the meantime, the films reflect on the „Abandoned” events and related studies organized and run by KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, in 2012.

Sewoonsanga – utopia of a monster (Jan Schabert, 2011, 5’)
Silent visitors (Jeroen Van der Stock, 2012, 65’)
Other space (Arturo Bonhomme, 2013, 37′)
Unfinished Italy (Benoit Felici, 2011, 34’)
Torre David (Urban-Think Tank, 2012, 30’) Screening and discussion with Urban-Think Tank
Get Luder (Jonathan Carr, 2010, 9’)
Robin Hood Gardens (Martin Ginestie, 2012, 17’)
Grande Hotel (Lotte Stoops, 2011,80’)