Grande Hotel

2011, 67 mins, colour, Belgian film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Lotte Stoops

We are in Beira, Mozambique. In 1954 the Grande Hotel, one of the biggest African luxury hotels was opened here, built and controlled by the Portuguese. Now the building, showing up as a denuded shell, is dwelled by more than 2500 people, who have neither water nor electricity. In the 1950s the huge luxurious building standing right by the ocean was the testimony of colonial power, but shortly turned out to be unprofitable and the hotel closed in the early 1960s. During the Mozambican Civil War its basement was used to hold political prisoners, and later on it became completely abandoned. Its ruination was accelerated by the locals taking and selling everything valuable and movable. Nowadays in the concrete shell we find a separate world, whose inhabitants are living in life-threatening circumstances and according to cruel rules. The film is a unique mixture of the past and the present, blending photos, articles, videos and interviews.
2nd March, 21:00
Screened together with Get Luder and Robin Hood Gardens.

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