Dabbawala, the lunchbox miracle

2008, 50 mins, colour, English film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Antje Christ

The perfectly organized chaos of the dabbawalas, or lunch carriers in Mumbai (Bombay) is nothing short of an economic miracle: in a metropolis of 20 million people, 5,000 dabbawalas deliver 200,000 lunches every day in color-coded tins – and only one in 16 million tins ever gets lost… The lunch containers, called Tiffin-boxes, get handled by dozens of hands and travel many kilometres: by bike, by handcart, by train, afoot or on heads. If, however, one doubts the safe arrival of the tin containers in the chaotic mega-city, you are wrong. The Dabbawalas’ system is as good as faultless – no monsoon, no traffic chaos stops them to deliver on time. It’s an extraordinarily simple, yet staggeringly effective system, the best logistic distribution system in the world!
2nd March 17:15
Screened together with Liquid city.