Liquid city

2007, 28 mins, colour, English film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Matthew Gandy

Mumbai (Bombay), a city of almost 20 million inhabitants, most of whom live in slums, is surrounded by sea water, but faces a daily struggle to gain access to the large amounts of fresh water, which it’s citizens need on a daily basis. This documentary charts the politics of this particular city’s chronic water shortage issue, where people have learned to value their fresh water, in a way in which we westerners could not begin to appreciate. This film also gives us a look at some of the inequalities which the residents of Mumbai’s sprawling metropolis must overcome in their daily lives. How is 3,000 million litres of water transferred into Mumbai each day?
2nd March, 17:15
Screened together with Dabbawala, the lunchbox miracle.