Lost town

2009, 93 mins, colour, German film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Jörg Adolph

A beautiful and melancholic story about the dream of two newly graduated architects, which at first comes true but then becomes a nightmare. They participate in a competition to create a memorial to coastal societies in the East of England that have sunk into the sea over past centuries due to sand erosion. Their creation is a Fata Morgana-like silhouette, which is to be placed off the coast. Their concept wins and is met with both enthusiasm and promises of financial aid. The joy is short-lived; the project is delayed and put off. The architects don’t give in but fight on indefatigably. The film follows the tug-of-war between bureaucracy and concerned coastal residents, who by all means want an attraction but also fear what it might bring.
2nd March, 21:15
Screened together with ArchiCULTURE.
After screening discussion with the director.

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