2013, 25 mins, colour, Amierican short film with Hungarian subtitles – work in progress
D: David Krantz, Ian Harris

The film follows 5 architecture students working on their final senior design project. It shows us all the struggle and success attached, but first and foremost the atmosphere in which the environment-shaping ideas are born. We can see that involves staring at the screen, lots of paper, cardboard, coffee and even more sleepless hours, consultation, and ideas cast on paper, which may be able to change whole cityscapes. However, instead of stucking at the stereotypes of the profession, the film ventures on answering rather infrequent questions, like the obvious but consciously seldom observed role in our everyday lives, the architect’s responsibility, sometimes forgotten during the academic years, or the disproportion of genders and minorities within the architecture profession. The host of the shooting is the Pratt Institute in New York, where we can see the future generation of architects in action and through the 5 main characters we get to know more about how architecture is able to influence cities and societies and how technology, sustainability and environmental psychology take part in the process of design and creation. The film is as actual as the questions it raises, partly because it’s not even finished yet. Though the version screened at the festival is close to the final cut, it needs a little time to be completed.
2nd March, 21:15
Screened together with Lost town.
After screening discussion with Jörg Adolph.