Space, land and time – Underground adventures with Ant Farm

2010, 77 mins, colour, American film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Elizabeth Federici, Laura Harrison

What Archigram means in Europe, it is Ant Farm for America, the avant-garde art group of the 60’s and 70’s, an inspiration for many young architects. They organized happenings in inflatables at public spaces, they did art statements such as the Cadillac Ranch. Ant Farm constructed hands-on the ingenious House of the Century, their architectural piece de resistance, a house inspired by the Apollo 11 –  and they filmed just about everything they did. Ant Farm was the underground culture jamming architectural firm and performance art and media collective, whose antics and anarchic guerrilla theatre paved the way for future armies of free-thinkers and public artists. “Trust your architect!”
1st March, 21:00